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This century can be declared as the “Century of Computer” without any doubt. The use of computer and internet has replaced the old methods of communication. Unfortunately in this age of computer there are not good enough computer institutes for providing coaching in countries like Pakistan. There are very few computer institutes which are providing good IT education and their fees are unrealistically high.


This situation led me to the way that I started creating Urdu Video tutorials. In USA and other developed countries, video tutorials are considered a primary source of education as it has many advantages over traditional way of teaching such as ability to listen the lecture again and again without the presence of teacher.

There are so many tutorials available on the net on youtube and many other sites but there are two problems with those tutorials, (i)Language and (ii) Completion. Firstly most of the tutorials on the net are in English and secondly many of them are not in complete form. So I have design this site for Urdu tutorials only. Here you can have the tutorials of your choice at a very reasonable price.



This Excel 2007 tutorial in Urdu is suitable for both beginners and intermediate users of Excel. Excel is the most widely used software so this tutorial covers all the basic elements and functions used in Excel 2007 and after watching this tutorial, you will have a really good command over Excel 2007. View Details

The best SEO tutorial in Urdu on the net which covers all white hat SEO techniques. For those who want to earn some money by working online, in very affordable price. Easy to understand and implement. View Details

If you want to design a website then this tutorial is for you. This urdu tutorial covers all the aspects of Dreamweaver CS5 in detail. A great fun to build a site step by step especially for those who are new in this field. View Details

WordPress and dynamic website, you can use these two words interchangeably. This Urdu tutorial covers all the elements of this tremendous CMS. Use wordpress and believe me, you would never think about using any other application for building websites. View Details

A web designer can not be said a web designer if he does not know HTML and CSS. This HTML and CSS urdu tutorial is aimed to those who want to be a web designer. No matter what tool you are using for building a website, if you don’t know HTML CSS, you will face many difficulties. View Details

Excel is one of the most widely used application software in the world. But still there are a few people who knows about its advance usage. That’s why I made this tutorial. This advanced excel tutorial covers intermediate and advanced level use of Excel formulas and functions. Once you have grip on this tutorial, you will discover that you did not know about the power of excel before. View Details

Joomla is an award winning Content management system. This Joomla Urdu video tutorial is designed in such way that beginners who even don’t know the ABC of web designing and development can build their own website from scratch. Exercise files included with this tutorial enables you to follow the videos in a nice way and do exactly what is being done in tutorial. View Details