HTML & CSS in Urdu

HTML & CSS in Urdu.

Today computers are considered incomplete without an internet connection and internet has no use without websites and so far websites are concerned, they can not be build without HTML and CSS. This HTML and CSS urdu tutorial is designed for those who have no previous experience of HTML and CSS and also for those who have some knowledge of HTML and CSS but do not have full grip.


This HTML and CSS Urdu tutorial covers all the elements of HTML and CSS. After watching this complete tutorial, you would be able to design your own CSS file and your own html css based website.

HTML and CSS in Urdu

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5 Hours

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Course Contents:


CH 1: Introduction, Why learn HTML, What HTML is and what its not, Course Requirements, Basic Page Structure, Saving HTML file.

CH 2: Heading tags, Paragraph and break tags, Comments, External links, Internal links, Inserting Images.

CH 3: Bold and Italic Text, Super and Subscript, Pre tag, Address, Abbreviation tag, Block quote tag.

CH 4: Why use tables, Inserting tables, Table headers, Vertical headers and alignment, Caption and colspan, Cell padding and spacing, Tags within tags.

CH 5: Forms, Password, Radio buttons, Check boxes, Drop down lists, Text area, Submit and reset.

Ch 6: Images basic, Image link and resize, Image alignment with text, What is image map, Map coordinates, Rectangular Image map, Circle map.

Ch 7: HTML lists, Ordered lists and unordered lists, Ordered list types, Nested lists, Definition lists.

Ch 8: Simple anchors, Target attribute, Name anchors.

Ch 9: HTML entities, List of HTML entities.

Ch 10: What is Iframe, changing size and removing border of Iframe, Attaching Iframe with link.


CH 1: Introduction to css, Embedded style sheet, Hexadecimal values of colors, External style sheet, Some basic text formatting, Text transform and word spacing, Text indent, Text decoration, letter spacing and line height, Commenting and text direction, Group selectors.

Ch 2: IDs and Class selectors, What are IDs, Creating classes, Special class.

CH 3: Backgrounds, Background color, Paragraph and heading background, Background image, Image repeat and position, Fixing background image.

CH 4: Links formatting, Link state formatting, Link text decoration, Link background colors, Formatting hover condition.

Ch 5: Unordered list formatting, Images as bullets.

Ch 6: Table border, Border collapse and width height of table, Text alignment in table, padding in tables, Formatting table header.

Ch 7: What is CSS box model,Border width and color, Different borders at different position, Border types, What are margins, What is padding.

Ch 8: What is Layout and div tags, Using relative position, using absolute position, Creating a complete layout.

Ch 9: Creating and Image gallery with CSS.

Ch 10: Making images transparent, Image transparency hover effect

Ch 11: What is image sprite, Creating a sprite navigation, sprite hover effect

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